As long as all your payroll details (bank account, TIN, FNPF) are correct then payment is facilitated within fourteen to twenty one (14-21) days after the 2018 General Election.

However, if there are changes in any of these details then contact the Election Official Unit on 1501 or email for updating.

  • You will get a Certificate of Employment which you can collect from an FEO office near you, about a month after the General Election.
You do not need an individual letter as FNPF has a record of all those who have worked for the FEO and know that they have now finished their employment with the FEO. When you apply to withdraw your funds, you need to mention that you have worked for the FEO.

The Fijian Electoral Education Centre [FEEC], training department of Fijian Election Office will contact the EO’s with the date, time and venue of the Refresher Training.Thus if you are an election official, update your contact details with the Election official Unit on 1501 or email on if there are any changes

The Pre-poll package includes salary, incidental and hardship allowance. A Pre-poll Official will be paid according to their designation.

  1. PO – $111 per day
  2. APO – $ 91 per day
  3. PDW – $72 per day

Only the Maritime Pre-poll Teams will be paid an advance salary payment of $100 before Pre-poll deployment.

The Polling Day package includes salary, incidental and meal and training allowance. A Polling Day Official will be paid according to their designation.

  • PO – $410.00
  • APO – $ 320.00
  • PDW – $180.00
  • VQC – $166.00

The Polling Day Officials will not be paid an advance salary and there will be no-part payment of salary.

The Hub Leader salary package will include the following:

  • Total Hours (92 hours salary) – $885.00
  • Meals (4 × $15) – $60.00
  • Training – $90.00

Total Salary package for 7 days is $1,035.00.

Yes, you may vote at the Polling station where you will be working during the 2018 General Election. The Fijian Elections Office will generate an Absentee Certificate which will enable them to vote at a Polling Station that is not their designated Polling Station.

You will be replaced by the next Election Official applicant from the reserve listing. Your contract will be null and void. If you are not coming to work then notify the Presiding Officer of the Polling Station as soon as you know you cannot attend.

Ask the following:

  • What is your App Ref number or EVR number
  • Full name
  • Contact details
  • Bank Account details

Advise him/her that Election Officials section will be notified, who will get in contact with the applicant, or the applicant can drop an email on with their queries.

You will find out if you are being offered a job either by an SMS or telephone call on the mobile number provided during your application.

If you have changed your mobile contact or address, ensure you contact the Election Officials team either on toll free 1501 or by email

No, you cannot use someone else’s bank account. You must have a bank account in your own name or a joint account. The FEO will not be responsible if any other party withdraws your money.

Vacancies in the FEO can be found on the following platforms:

  • Print media – any of the major newspapers (Fiji Times & Fiji Sun) and are usually published on the Saturday and Wednesday editions of the
  • The official FEO website under the “Vacancy” section of the You can go to
  • Social media – Official FEO Facebook or the “Fiji Elects 2018” pages.
  • By checking out the FEO Notice board at the FEO HQ in Toorak under the “Vacancy” subheading address 59-63 High St, Toorak.

All applications via email upon being sent, applicants should receive an automated response stating that we have received your application.

FEO anticipates completing the post processing within 2-3weeks and if your application has been shortlisted you can expect us to give you a call shortly after these 3 weeks.

For unsuccessful applications, a regret notification is sent

Applications close at 4:00pm on Friday, two (2) weeks from the first date of being published in the media. You can send your applications via the following means:

Hand-delivered and placed in the vacancy “Drop Box” available at the FEO HQ.

  • Short term projects can range from anywhere between 1 week to 3months depending on the specific need for the role.

All applicants for the position of AA/Logistics/Drivers are placed in FEO’s AA/Logistics/Drivers pool. Once the register is completed, we will be calling applicants to come in for our AA Test at any of our test venues.

Upon HR receiving requests for AAs/Logistics/Drivers from our various project owners, FEO will then be contacting applicants beginning from the most meritorious and working down the list.

If you are coming in to sign your contract with the FEO for the first time ensure it is absolutely necessary that you bring the following details:

  1. Birth Certificate
  2. FNPF number
  3. TIN Card/Letter
  4. Bank Account number stamped by bank
  5. Passport sized photo

Ensure to update FEO if you have changed your bank account details or address.

  • Wages are deposited into your nominated bank account on a weekly basis. You can check your wages on Thursday after lunch.

The main reasons are:

  • An invalid Bank account was submitted due to account being closed or the wrong account number was submitted.
  • All payroll details (BC/FNPF/TIN/Bank) were not
  • Change in bank accounts but FEO was not

This is only valid when you sign your contract for this. Keep your telephones turned on and charged to receive information on where to go and sign your contract and receive information on your teams and your shift

All National Count Centre officials will work on a 12 hours shift.

A National Count Centre Official will be paid according to their designation.

  • PO – $144.00
  • APO – $108.00
  • PDW – $84.00

The National Count Centre Officials will not be paid an advance salary and there will be no-part payment of salary.

During Election Day, as soon as you get to your respective venue, ensure to “sign in” when you get in at the HR station. When your shift is completed, again ensure to “sign out” at the same station. This is to ensure that your attendance is flagged and pay is processed. Failing to do this, may affect and/or delay payment of wages.