Voter registration for the 2018 General stands at 634,120 as at 17th September, 2018. This is the result of continuous voter registration by the Fijian Elections Office, visiting all villages, communities, settlements, schools and hotspots in Fiji. An extensive voter registration drive has also been conducted overseas.

There are 8041 voters who have registered overseas and would be eligible to cast their vote via postal ballot.

There are 314,686 registered female voters and 319, 434 registered male voters.

The FEO has managed to keep a clean and an updated list of voters using thorough verification and adjudication processes. In order to ensure that the details of all registered deceased voters are removed from the voter list, the FEO has also engaged with Fiji’s Births, Deaths and Marriages [BDM] Registry and the Fiji National Provident Fund [FNPF]. This data was then verified through fieldwork during our nationwide drive as well as from the direct visits to various locations to ensure the data is accurate.

Following the 2014 General Election the FEO managed to register over 100,000 new voters. Voter Registration for the 2018 General Elections will cease on the day that the Writ of Elections is issued.